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How to Clean Drapes or Curtains And Avoid Dust

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-26
Before you tackle the job of cleaning your draperies or curtains read the tag to see the best method of cleaning and follow the manufacturer recommendations. The tag should also tell you what the materials are in the fabric. It doesn't have to be expensive to clean the window treatments, but these suggestions may be of help to get the job done. Identify the fabric and when you clean curtains, the best method may be to put them in the washing machine. Wash on hand-wash or delicate cycle with cold temperatures and a gentle cleanser. If your washer does not have the hand-wash cycle, you can always wash the curtains by hand in the sink or tub. Don't scrub them or agitate them for any length of time. When they are clean, don't dry them in the dryer unless the manufacturer suggests it. You can hang dry them outside but bring them in as soon as they are dry and return them to the window. Heavy draperies are harder to clean and you should never put them in the washing machine or the dryer. You can use the vacuum attachment after you gently shake the fabric to remove some of the dust. Then vacuum them paying special attention to the folds and edges of the fabric. Work from top down, front and back, and be cautious as small spiders may live within the folds. Much will depend on the fabric of your draperies. Many refuse to tackle the job themselves especially the heavy draperies. There are companies who will come to your home and pre-vacuum the draperies to remove the dust. They then spray the fabric with a dry cleaning solution before they install them in their machine that will remove ground in the dirt, pollen, allergens and even smoke. They will then re-install them and your draperies will be clean and fresh. Most companies will also remove your window treatments and while protecting them, dry-clean them in their establishment. They will then press the drapes and re-hang them to make sure they hang evenly and work properly. Dust collects on the fabrics of draperies and curtains, and if you clean them regularly by vacuuming them at least every six months you prevent the allergens from entering your home. You should also prepare the area around the drapes and curtains to keep from getting any soil on the floor.
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