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How To Clean Greasy Floors Of Factory

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-28
Are you having a hard time on cleaning greasy floors of your large factory or workshop? Wondering on how to clean these greasy floors effectively and in no time at all? One solution is to use cleaning machines, which are the best, tested and proven in addressing many floors problems. Two of these cleaning machines that play a great role in floor cleaning effectively, powerful and efficiently are the floor scrubber or cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners. How? 1) Using floor scrubbers or cleaners A good example of floor scrubber or cleaners is the Salla 500 Max, the ideal and affordable factory floor cleaning machine. A walk behind battery-powered operation designed to withstand harsh operating environments. One unique feature of this factory floor cleaner is that it can be transformed to function as a floor scrubber/dryer, dry sweeper or portable wet/dry vacuum cleaner in seconds. Imagine you will not only get one machine, but three. It is a 3-in-1 floor cleaner machine, a perfect solution for factory or warehouse floors that require scrubbing, sweeping and vacuuming. Whatever floor surface (safety floor, sealed concrete, checker plate etc), the Salla 350/500 is a fast, effective and efficient solution to clean them all. It comes with dual contra-rotating cylindrical brushes that penetrate deep into profiled factory floor surfaces and actively lift the dirt, and then the dirt is simultaneously extracted dry straight off the brushes or in dirt filled solution by a vacuum squeegee. Pre-spray greasy floors with degreaser or citrus based detergent that is effective on grease to help reduce cleaning time if using plain water. The Salla 350/500 floor cleaner has also an optional heavier duty brushes with harder bristles for greater cleaning or degreasing of factory floors. (2) Using steam vacumm cleaners Another great solution in removing grease from floors is using the JetVac / Steambox range of industrial steam vacuums. Unlike the Salla that uses agitation to break down grease while JetVac steam vacuum uses high temperature dry steam to emulsify grease into a liquid form and remove the grime with its built-in vacuum. JetVac steam cleaner machines may take a little longer and require more effort in cleaning greasy floors than a Salla 350/500, but it uses less water and no detergents are required. Aside from cleaning grease and oil from floors, JetVac is also effectively for many other cleaning applications like detail cleaning of equipment. That is why JetVac Maxi and JetVac Major steam vacuums are very popular in food and beverage production environments.
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