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How to Clean Hockey Gear

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-26
How to Clean Hockey Gear As a hockey mom, I am constantly searching for ways to keep my son safe and protected from harmful bacteria. I know his gear carries a ton of germs and so I have tried various methods to keep his hockey gear clean. Here are some easy 'To Dos' for all you busy moms out there who are dealing with smelly hockey equipment. Step 1 - This step is quiet easy to follow and is an important one too. Make sure to always keep a layer of clothing in between your son's equipment and his skin. This acts as a shield and can make a huge difference! Step 2 - This one is a little tricky but hopefully they will remember! Make sure that when he undresses after a game, that he doesn't put his pads all over the locker room. The floors and benches in locker rooms contain harmful bacteria which can be picked up by his gear which can then make their way into your home. Step 3 - Take his equipment apart as much as possible when you get home. Take the insoles out of the skates and tear apart all the Velcro pieces. Step 4 - Hang his hockey gear after every practice and game. Wet hockey equipment in a sealed sports bag will only create more bacteria. Step 5 - Wash his equipment! Whenever possible. I have spent so much money on hockey equipment that I am too nervous to wash it in a traditional laundry machine. I have read that the foam can be affected and that the pads can even get ripped in the gentlest of cycles. I only wash his jock strap, his hockey socks and his hockey jersey in my washing machine. Step 6 - About once a month, I get his hockey equipment treated with the Sani Sport ozone cleaning machine. There is one in the arena pro shop. This eliminates the bacteria and the horrible smell and his equipment doesn't get harmed at all! If Sani Sport is good enough to clean NHL equipment and NFL equipment, it is certainly good enough for me! Check out sanisport.com for more info!
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