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How to detect impurities in laundry equipment water

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-03

When washing with large-scale laundry equipment, it will appear that the washing is not clean. After washing, spots appear on the fabric or the colorful fabrics are washed out, the patterns and colors become unclear, and the clothes are particularly white and bright. The color turns yellow after washing, and some of the white is dull. Some fabrics become very hard after washing. When the laundry workers do not know the reason, they often use methods such as extending the washing time and adding washing materials to try to make the effect better, but the result is still disappointing. What is it? What can cause this result? After testing, it was discovered that the original washing effect is largely related to the water quality, because the linen is washed with water. If there are impurities in the water, the laundry will not be washed out. Clean, how to judge that there are impurities in the water?

At this time, some people will say that when the water is clear, how can there be impurities. In fact, the impurities mentioned here are not garbage on the surface of the water, but the substances contained in the water, which is what experienced people say Hard water, then how do we know whether the water to be added to the washing is hard water or soft water? In fact, the method is very simple, just take a little water into the test tube, and then add some transparent soap liquid in it. Pay attention to the slow speed when it is added.

Shake constantly. At this time, if the water inside generates static foam and the water under the foam is still clear, then it can be concluded that this water is soft water. Once it does not meet this situation, it is hard water, and hard water is not fixed. There is a distinction between temporary hard water and hard water. If it is temporary hard water, it can be turned into soft water by adding it. If it is hard water, then it is not a problem that can be solved by adding it, but it is necessary to use the permanent chemical method or It is the physical method to soften it first. Hard water contains many other elements.

Because there are a lot of magnesium, calcium and other substances in nature, the water in tap water is hard water. Such hard water is sexually hard water. Water containing carbonate is also called temporary hard water. In nature, soft water is actually quite small. Most of the groundwater is hard water. If it is washed directly without treatment, the magnesium ions and calcium ions in the hard water will adhere to the clothes and form dirt, which will affect the washing effect and change the nature of the fabric, resulting in irreversible results. Because hard water has a great influence on the washing effect,

Therefore, the washing water should be tested. If it is sex water, heat it to become softened water. If it is sex hard water, add a softener during washing, and it can also become soft water. The water quality problem is solved. , You can sit back and relax in the washing.

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