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How to determine the hotel by the quality of industrial washing machine

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-22

how to determine the quality of hotel industrial washing machine is good or bad? For consumers, with the price of the same natural want to buy some good quality hotel industrial washing machine. Often, the good quality machine performance nature where is not bad, and the machine failure rate is much lower, the life of the machine is also more long. In that case, how do we determine the hotel by the quality of industrial washing machine? Hotel industrial washing machine production enterprise, think for hotel industrial washing machine, its quality, mainly by its structure, material selection is determined by factors such as materials, the production process.

about the structure, for hotel industrial washing machine, due to its large production load, high speed, so the structure should be used in shock, resistance to better jitter performance of the bottom of the barrel in the machine of vibration and damper suspension shock absorber, this structure is called the suspension type, rather than directly fixed on the framework of the fuselage traditional fixed type. On full suspension type suspension and the suspension on the existing two kinds, the former manufacturing difficulty bigger, better effect.

on select material with makings, the same structure of hotel industrial washing machine, the quality is good depends on the selection of materials, excellent material can ensure the machine more stable and more robust performance. Like for inside and outside the tube material, the use of the nature of stainless steel is more durable than stainless iron. Applications, in addition to the material and the selection of components, which are: we need to pay special attention to bearing, frequency converter, motor, computer board, solenoid valve, oil seal, water seal, etc.

about the production process, the same structure, same material selection of materials, hotel industrial washing machine quality depends on its production technology, production process which depends on each manufacturer's production technology, also depends on its production equipment, a lot of times when we know these, because they cannot see the real machine, even see cannot tear open outfit. So can weigh factors as only this factory production strength, size, etc.

after the comparison of any of the above points, I believe you can probably identify a hotel industry with the quality of the washing machine. Talking about even seemingly simple, but if true to compare and to analyze the factors relating to or more. So we hope that each user can be taken seriously. To be able to buy a good quality, good performance, low power consumption, long life, low failure rate, high cost performance of hotel industrial washing machine.

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