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How to do health washing hotel cleaning equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-10

hotel laundry equipment at the same time, bring convenience to our life also brought micro make trouble. Periodic maintenance cleaning equipment use for a long time but not inevitably cause secondary pollution, will cause skin allergy, the phenomenon such as bacterial infection. Then the following hotel laundry equipment manufacturer to the hotel for you detailed analysis of how to do health washing washing equipment, interested friends may wish to to get to know.

1, cleaning to heating

because of bed sheet, pillow towel and quilt are more likely to develop mite, and the place where we contact more. Also a large number of mites is easy to cause the allergic phenomenon such as itching, inflammation of the skin. High temperature washing can effectively remove mites, bacteria, etc. , to avoid the allergy because cleaning is not clean.

2, clothes need washing separately

especially underwear must wash separately. Because underwear thrive on escherichia coli, and mixed with the other clothes washing, it is easy to cause infection. And the most escherichia coli were inside the equipment was left of the underwear, so want to separate the clothes washing, cleaning can be appropriately when adding bleaching powder or disinfectant.

3, pay attention to when catharsis ventilation

hotel washing equipment in evaporation as a lot of heat, humidity increases the hotel laundry room, very easy to grow bacteria in the moist environment. So, it is important to note that when washing laundry room ventilation or is to open the ventilation function of the equipment.

4, air basks in clothings in time

in the use of hotel need to calculate the time when laundry equipment wash, put the washing out to dry in time, if the laundry didn't take it out in half an hour, it is easy to infect bacteria, if clothes stay at hotel washing equipment within the time more than 1 hour, is equivalent to not wash, wash again.

5, the equipment should be natural air

in the washing machine, humid environment is the better place to a large number of bacteria growth, therefore, in order to prevent bacterial breeding, in the use of the hotel after laundry equipment to open the door ventilation, let moisture to dry naturally.

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