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How to Experience Oneness & Bliss in Meditation

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-25
If you want more peace and bliss in your life, whether you want to attain enlightenment and states of oneness or you are simply interested in deep relaxation, yoga and healing, then you probably already know that meditation is the best thing you can do. In this short article about meditation, you will learn how to experience very deep states of peace and oneness in meditation. What is the cause of stress? All stress can be traced back to one thing: your identification with thinking. Because you believe you are the thinker of your thoughts, you are only able to perceive life through the mind. And at an unconscious level, the mind is constantly reinforcing this idea of you being separate from everything else and thus it is always reinforcing conflict: the conflict between you and everything else. And the mind does this by avoiding this moment, by keeping your attention in thinking rather than actually experiencing what is here. Because if you actually could experience what is here in this moment beyond the perception of the intellectual and emotional mind, you would experience peace, you would experience oneness. By practicing meditation, you can experience life beyond the confines of the intellectual mind. You can go beyond separation and conflict and experience what the sages and saints of thousands of years have said: that your true nature is peace and bliss. Oneness is your natural state. The first way the mind avoids this moment is through constantly moving. So the first part of meditation is to sit still. Find yourself sitting upright without back support if possible. If you need back support, that is fine, do not worry about it. But after you find yourself sitting comfortably, sit still. This sounds quite easy, but it is not. Because after a short period of time, your body will want to move out of nervousness, out of resistance to this moment. So when this resistance comes up in meditation, simply let it go and remain sitting still. The second way the mind avoids this moment is by keeping your attention identified with thinking. So the second part of meditation is to practice being aware of the thoughts arising rather than identified with thinking. What exactly does this mean? Say a thought arises 'I have to do laundry tomorrow.' Rather than attaching yourself to that thought and imagining yourself as the 'I' in that sentence, just notice it as a thought arising and let it go. At first you might see it as 'there is a thought about doing laundry tomorrow' but after a while you do not even need to comprehend the content of the thought, you can just see that there is a thought and then you can let it go. This takes practice but you can come to the point in meditation where you see thoughts are arising by themselves and have nothing to do with you. You can watch the thoughts come and go in meditation all on their own without affecting you and your experience of peace at all. And when you can get to this state you will begin to experience states of oneness. You will move beyond the confines of this sense of separateness to an experience of being one with everything, to being peace itself. There is a way to make this practice of meditation much easier and more effective, so that you can attain deep states of peace and oneness much more quickly. In the east, it has been known for centuries that if you want to experience deep states of meditation and oneness, you sat with a fully enlightened master of meditation. Just by sitting in the presence of an enlightened teacher, deep states of meditation and oneness happen effortlessly. Meditation happens effortlessly in the presence of an enlightened teacher because when you attain high states of meditation and oneness, you naturally radiate Shakti, the subtle energy vibration of bliss. And so when you sit near someone in such a state, you can actually feel this vibration of bliss wash over you. You actually feel peace itself, bliss itself and simply by feeling this peace, you are naturally guided into deep meditation. This is the most effective way to oneness and enlightenment. Trying to do it alone without this Shakti can be very difficult and frustrating. Recently, there has been an amazing breakthrough in sound research in relation to Shakti. Through special recording techniques and equipment, this Shakti, this vibration of oneness can be recorded and turned into sound. And so simply by listening to some very unique meditation music that contains these sounds made of Shakti, you feel that same bliss vibration and easily experience deep states of meditation and oneness. You can hear free samples of this music and experience the bliss for yourself by clicking on the 'Shakti Meditation CD' link below.
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