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How to maintain industrial laundry equipments?

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-03

The industrial laundry equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment. Therefore, the laundry equipment is the same as other mechanical equipment. It needs long-term maintenance and maintenance. Wipe dry.

The industrial laundry equipment is an electric machine, so the laundry equipment should be placed in a dry and non-corrosive place to avoid rusting of electrical components or other parts in the washing equipment, resulting in degradation of insulation performance and even damage to the washing equipment.

The industrial laundry equipment may not be filled with oil when it is purchased, so key parts such as the impeller shaft of the industrial laundry equipment should be filled with oil to prevent rust. If the washing equipment is not used for a long time, it needs to be turned on and run every few months to prevent damp due to weather and avoid failures caused by long periods of non-use.

In addition, industrial laundry equipments should not be placed in direct sunlight. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight will cause the plastic parts to fade and age.

stored for a long time can be covered with a cloth cover or film to prevent excessive dust. Keeping industrial laundry equipments bright and tidy is also a major factor in extending the life of the laundry equipment.

After that, in addition to daily maintenance, the cleaning of industrial laundry equipments is also very important. The filters, pipes, liquid storage systems, heat exchange systems, electrical and internal and external cleaning of the washing equipment contained in the laundry equipment.

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