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How to maintain more can make the hotel laundry equipment play their role

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-13

with the increase of people's living standard, the hotel service industry is also becoming more and more, with the hotel washing is quickly developing, so the hotel laundry equipment also play a great role, so want to hotel laundry equipment play to the role of the longer term, you need to be a certain amount of maintenance. Next to share about hotel laundry equipment using the attention as well as the maintenance of the relevant information.

, first of all we want to know is the hotel laundry equipment installation should pay attention to?

1, the installation of the machine: in determining hotel laundry equipment installation should pay attention to what? The installation location, you should consider transport corridor, material flow, the location of the feed water, steam and water pipe. Can not blindly feeling laundry equipment in this is appropriate.

2, the machine should be installed foundation: some hotels laundry equipment installation workshop can be installed on the solid foundation for the overall do a flat, can also be installed directly shangdi, but there is a rule: machine installation should be level.

3。 Electrical installation: the door is opened the hotel laundry equipment electrical control box, according to the terminal on access to 380 v three-phase power line and zero line.

4。 Pipeline installation: according to the hotel laundry equipment label corresponding access feed line (large diameter, above) And the steam pipe ( Small diameter, below) , such as do not have steam conditions, the steam inlet is blocked. If you use the steam heating function, please clear steam main line outside the machine installation and equipment safety device.

second, want to laundry equipment can be use for a long time, and can improve the equipment washing effect, cannot leave the hotel laundry equipment used correctly and timely maintenance. How to maintenance can make the hotel laundry equipment play their role? Specific as follows:

1, every time before starting to check the water and steam pressure is normal

2, regular cleaning machines, both inside and outside of sundry, and add the lubricating oil, to extend the service life of parts

3, steam and water into the pipe must be entered before the filter

4, regular cleaning, drainage, to ensure smooth

5, regularly check the triangle connection transmission

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