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How to Make Money by Opening a Washing Plant and Cost Control Methods for Washing Plants-part 1

How to Make Money by Opening a Washing Plant and Cost Control Methods for Washing Plants-part 1


Keywords: Washing equipment plant ,finishing of washing plants

At present, the vast majority of linen washing manufacturers in China are in a loss or semi loss situation, and there are not many truly profitable manufacturers. This is currently the biggest problem faced by our country's fabric washing manufacturers. Without making money, there is no good service guarantee, and there is no continuous and recyclable business situation, causing frequent abnormalities in the overall washing production chain.

In the final analysis, the editor believes that the main reasons are as follows:

1The management ability is too low, and the emphasis on management methods overlooks the details, making the cost of management methods high.

2Due to competition in the same industry, washing prices are close to washing costs, and often even lower than washing costs.

3Investors' own ignorance or recklessness in financial management often leads to significant cash flow problems.

4The main business income is equivalent to or even lower than the operating cost fees.

The main reasons for the above aspects will ultimately lead to a sharp increase in the management costs of our washing manufacturers, with profits often decreasing and even losing money. Some people are likely to believe that it is the customer's long-term delay in washing fees that makes the manufacturer feel more upset. This is not a problem for the customer, but rather for us washing manufacturers themselves.

How can we make money for our linen washing factory? The author makes a discussion from the aspects of real experience, business management and Socioeconomics, hoping to be helpful to our peers.

Our linen washing manufacturer is a common low tech, simple production enterprise equivalent to a grocery store, but also a common labor-intensive industrial manufacturer. At present, the level of industry development determines that we cannot yet specialize in production and can only rely on workers to operate and achieve the goal of ensuring production services. Therefore, from the perspective of our linen washing manufacturers, to completely solve the problem of making money is actually to completely solve the problem of people.


1The establishment of the number of staff and the improvement of employee quality

Manufacturers are not necessarily better off with more people, nor are they better off with fewer people. They must be suitable for the production needs of manufacturers and the regular schedule of workers.

Therefore, in terms of the number of staff, the first step is to set a fixed number of positions and personnel. A job that can be completely solved by three people cannot be solved by four people.

Secondly, job positions must be rotated to reduce fixed staffing by utilizing staff rotation. This is like a 100 yuan banknote circulating 10 times within a certain period of time, and circulating 5 times within the same period of time, which leads to two completely different definitions. Circulation 10 times is equivalent to 100 yuan becoming 1000 yuan, while circulation 5 times is only equivalent to 500 yuan. This is also the cash flow issue that people need to emphasize in the future.

The third is to cultivate a team of highly skilled operational staff. Employees, regardless of their educational level, can become proficient and responsible individuals in linen washing enterprises as long as they are not intellectually challenged and undergo a certain amount of sedimentation, learning, and training.

The fourth point is that as a manager, one should always speak out and adhere to principles in front of employees. We cannot promise recklessly or fail to fulfill our promises.

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