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How to Make Money by Opening a Washing Plant and Cost Control Methods for Washing Plants-part 2

How to Make Money by Opening a Washing Plant and Cost Control Methods for Washing Plants-part 2


2、 Verification and control of management costs

Management cost refers to the sum of all expenses incurred by people at the management level of a company, as well as all expenses other than direct production costs. This includes salaries, bonuses, subsidies, social security and other expenses for managers, office staff, and logistics personnel, as well as taxes, financial expenses, additional linen compensation, and expenses for inviting guests. For a company, this cost must be strictly controlled. The tax is fixed, and now it is basically around 6.3% of the total sales. Other management costs must be controlled within 9% of total sales. The simpler the management, the lower the cost?; The more direct management, the lower the cost?.

3、 Verification and control of production costs

Production cost refers to the total amount of all expenses directly related to production, and expenses unrelated to production should not be included.

1. The cost of using traditional high-temperature chemicals generally accounts for 9-10% of the revenue, which is quite high. This requires changes in the use of detergent chemicals to reduce cost expenditures. The emergence of a new type of cold water detergent - GOWORLD laundry Enzyme Cold Water Detergent - has completely changed the washing process in the washing industry and greatly reduced the cost of using reagents. The cost of using drugs has reached only 3% of the total sales! The cost of single machine (120KG washing machine) reagent is only 4.3 yuan.

2. Many investors believe that the more expensive the washing equipment used, the better the actual washing effect, leading to a misconception and a strange circle. From an investment perspective, the shorter the return on investment period, the truly profitable it can be, otherwise it will fall into a loss making circle; In terms of washing technology, it is completely unrelated to the expensive and cheap equipment, only directly related to the washing process, washing materials, washing teachers, and washing water consumption. Adopting and selecting washing equipment must be suitable for washing equipment within one's own investment capacity and with high equipment cost. For example, washing equipment with high cost-effectiveness such as Jiangsu Guoxin, Shanghai Jieshen, Shanghai Aisiwei, and Shanghai Roulong. The cost of using equipment is low. Based on a normal 5-year calculation, the monthly cost of using each washing machine is less than 1000 yuan, and the daily cost is less than 30 yuan. The proportion of total sales is only 0.3%.

3. Wage costs for production employees

In a smooth state of fixed positions and personnel, orderly rotation of employees, and excellent business operations, the management cost of employees is almost zero. What needs to be truly considered is the actual benefits of employees, including wages, social security, bonuses, etc. Many washing companies are unwilling to offer high salaries and benefits to their employees due to various reasons. Of course, there is a limit to this high level, not just what you want. We must control it within a certain range. Under the orderly and highly capable state of comprehensive production employees, this salary level should be controlled within 25%.

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