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How to Make Money by Opening a Washing Plant and Cost Control Methods for Washing Plants-part 3

How to Make Money by Opening a Washing Plant and Cost Control Methods for Washing Plants-part 3


4. Energy consumption cost fee

The cost of energy consumption includes water, electricity, and gas. After adopting the cold water washing and ironing process, the energy consumption of the washing and ironing process is only water and electricity. The consumption of gas is almost zero. The Unit cost of water consumption is 1.2-1.5t for each machine (taking 100kg washing machine as an example). Overall, energy consumption accounts for 20% of revenue. Taking water consumption as an example, regulating energy consumption. (1) Check for water leakage in the waterway; (2) Strictly adjust the water usage according to the washing and ironing process required by the raw materials; (3) Appropriate installed capacity; (4) Adjust the backwash rate.

5. Maintenance of vehicles, equipment, supporting equipment, rental costs, and miscellaneous expenses adjustment

Vehicle costs include maintenance, insurance, fuel consumption, repairs, and penalties for violations; Equipment maintenance costs include maintenance and upkeep costs; Supporting equipment refers to equipment for soft water treatment, sewage treatment, etc. This cost control management cannot exceed 10% of the turnover.

6. Salesperson commission

Many washing and ironing enterprises do not have professional sales representatives, which can save this expense. However, some washing and ironing companies have this position, and we will definitely adjust it to within 5%.

7. Strictly manage production, and cannot blindly increase the workload of daily washing and ironing without considering the actual equipment configuration and personnel allocation. Many managers believe that the higher the output is, the higher the profit is. This is a fundamental mistake. This is because they do not understand the marginal benefit and Marginal cost of washing and ironing enterprises. When a washing and ironing factory makes the most money by washing and ironing 2000 sets per day, blindly following the trend and increasing the washing and ironing quantity by an additional 500 sets per day, it may not be making money this month, but losing money. The author has conducted extensive practical and theoretical calculations, and found that the optimal operating scale for a washing and ironing factory is around 2000 sets of washing and ironing per day, which is a state of economic profit.

8. Good washing and ironing quality, simple but not disorderly management, can ensure the development from quantitative change to qualitative change.

Our washing and ironing enterprises must achieve orderly and healthy production operations based on simple management, effective control of details, and strict cost budgeting, in order to ensure smooth business operations, normal collection of washing fees, customer preference, and so on.

9.Strict financial management and cash control.

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