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How to make washing equipment province electricity water hotel

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-12

as hotel washing equipment market demand more and more big, people to the hotel cleaning equipment requirements have become more and more high. Because enterprise in the process of development in the guarantee of the same good service at the same time, and ensure that costs low, especially like hotel companies, because the hotel is service, customer satisfaction is their class standard, and the cleanliness of the washing clothes was also one of the important service. So how can hotel laundry equipment province electricity water? The next will be to share knowledge content.

1, the water level wants moderate, water too much, will add cylinder pressure, increase the burden of motor, add power consumption; Water is too little, and affect washing clothes when turning, add wash times, make and add power consumption.

2。 Use laundry equipment wash hotel, washing process organization to be reasonable, head again after washing, will better clothes to dry, dumped water as much as possible, so, rinse, can shorten the time, and can save water.

3。 Add soak time, before washing the clothes in the washing agent solution soak 10 - 14 minutes, let washing agent and the dirt on the clothes dirt, and then rinse. So, can make the industrial washing machine operation time shorten half the mercy, power consumption is also corresponding reduced by half.

4, use laundry equipment wash hotel, color washing, shallow after deep first, after the first thin thickness, different colors of clothes washing space, not only have the clean, and wash quickly, mix together can shorten than a third of the moment; Usually thin soft texture of chemical fiber, silk fabric, four to five minutes to wash, clean and thick texture of cotton, wool will take ten minutes to wash the talent. Thickness, separation than mixed together to wash can effectively shorten the operation time of industrial washing machine.

5, use washing machines wash, hotel job better by converged on washing clothing, namely the cylinder cleaning agent have to do a few clothes, cleaning agent can add appropriately. All finished washing rinsing them one by one.

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