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How to realize long-term maintenance-free hotel

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-03

The first thing to pay attention to is the entire hotel linen laundry equipment and the various small parts. Each component will affect the overall core performance and effect performance of the product. The so-called performance is the process and effect when you operate the washing machine to clean clothes, curtains, sheets, duvet covers and other objects.

Whether the sound of the machine is normal and the rotation speed is stable. When putting different types of items together for cleaning, pay attention to whether the colors of the items are the same, so as to prevent the items from being discolored and stained with other items. The issue of effectiveness has always been an important factor considered by our customers.

There are two states-working state and non-working state. Therefore, maintenance should also be carried out in these two states.

Under working conditions, the maintenance of hotel linen laundry equipment should pay attention to the following issues:
1. When using the washing machine, it should be operated in accordance with the washing machine's instruction manual to avoid unnecessary failures;

2. There are also certain requirements for the water pressure and voltage that users scale to the washing machine environment. When using the washing machine, the water pressure should not be too low, because the water pressure is too low and slow water flow will affect the service life of the water inlet valve and the motor. Users of high-rise residential buildings should try to avoid using laundry equipment during peak water consumption periods;

3. Use hot water to wash clothes, and the water temperature should not exceed 45℃ to prevent damage to the washing machine barrel.

4. Try to use the washing machine within the specified washing capacity. Because too much washing capacity will increase the burden on the motor and reduce the service life of the washing machine;

In the non-working state, the maintenance of hotel linen laundry equipment should pay attention to the following issues:
1. After using the washing machine, dry the casing and open the door cover to allow the water to evaporate to protect the washing machine from drying out and prevent the machine from being corroded by the water show. Although the factory produces stainless steel, it should be maintained;

2. Try not to put the washing machine in a humid space. If the environmental conditions are limited, you should also pay attention to relative maintenance measures and maintain good ventilation.

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