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How to Remove a Musty Smell in the Washing Machine

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-05
This usually occurs from extra moisture that is left behind after you have already used your washing machine. Which in time if not taking care of properly can turn into mold growth. There are a few different ways to get rid of the musty smell and keep it from coming back in the future. As long as you follow these simple directions and learn how to properly maintain your washing machine you will be able to avoid any washing machine repairs in the future which could end up costing you an arm and a leg.
How to keep your washing machine free from smells.
Start by starting a small and short cycle on your machine using only the hot water setting
Pour in bleach or 2 cups of white vinegar into the water in the machine. Both of these options work good to deodorize and kill the germs in the process
Let the machine finish and open it up. Leave the door open to let the extra moisture to evaporate. A good tip to remember is to leave you lid up after using your machine when it is not in use to help prevent any smells in the future.
Another tested process that works just as well.
Wet an old toothbrush or small bristled brush in warm: water and dip into backing soda
Scrub the walls inside the washing machine with the baking soda mixture to remove any buildup or dirt that might be left over
Remove any trays such as a bleach or fabric softener dispenser and clean them out with hot soapy water before replacing them.
Scrub around the seal of the door or lid, this will help to get the dirt and debris that might have gotten trapped
Turn on the machine and run it through a full cycle with bleach or vinegar
Open the lid as soon as the machine has finished and let it air out.
Warnings and tips for further prevention.
If the smell keeps up, you will want to do the following:
Unplug the machine and take off the back panel
Disconnect the hoses and clean them out with a vacuum a wet / dry one
Reconnect the hoses and put the back panel back on before plugging the machine back in
Run another cycle with hot water and bleach or vinegar to rinse out your hoses
Check the instructions to our machine if you need assistance on removing the back panel.
Keep the lid open and allow it to air out
Use only the amount of detergent it says for each load. Too much can cause excess to buildup and promote growth of mildew and mold
Never use bleach and vinegar together this creates toxic fumes.
You can do the same in tumble dryers to help prevent mold growth.

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