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How to replace the triangular belt of laundry equipment by itself?

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-24
The transmission of laundry equipment mainly relies on the motor to drive the V-belt to rotate the drum. V-belt is the transmission medium. If there is a problem, it does not need to be replaced by the manufacturer. It can be solved by following the steps of the following methods: 1. Turn off the power supply, lock, remove the protective device, loosen the motor progress bolt, and move the motor to relax the belt. Do not install the belt using a pry method. 2. Check the abnormal wear of the old belt. Excessive wear indicates a design or maintenance problem. 3. Select the correct belt model and type. 4, clean the belt, you can use a rag dipped in a little misunderstanding solvent. Avoid rubbing the belt with a wet cloth dipped in solvent. Do not use sharp objects to grind or scrape the skin to clean up grease or debris. Make sure the belt is dry before running. 5. Check other transmission components, such as bearing and shaft alignment, wear, lubrication, etc. 6. Install one or a group of belts. Multiple old belts to be replaced together. New and old belts cannot be mixed. The new and old belts cannot maintain the same tension, and only the new belts may bear the load when driving. Belts from different manufacturers, or even the same brand, but belts from different producing areas cannot be mixed. Belts come from different factories, and their performance characteristics are also different, which may cause mutual interference when belts work, resulting in abnormal strain and shortening the service life of the transmission system. 7. Adjust the center distance and turn the system several times by hand until the appropriate tension is measured by the instrument. Some long belts seem uneven when installed, due to gravity. It is normal for these belts within the tolerance range of the set to have some differences in the lower deflection, and this phenomenon will be eliminated when the belts are normally tensioned and operated. 8. Install the motor well. Install protective devices. 9. Let the belt run for a while. This process includes starting the machine, running at full load and stopping. Check and re-tighten to the specified value. Run at full load again so that the belt is in place in the wheel groove. If possible, let the system run for 24 hours, even work all night, or just a little longer than the lunch break, is better than not running at all. Such a test run will greatly reduce the need to tighten again in the future. 10, start, observe, listen to whether there is abnormal vibration or noise. Turn off the machine, check the bearing and motor, if it feels very hot, maybe the belt tension is too tight, or the bearing is not aligned, or there is a problem with the lubrication system.
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