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How to use flatwork ironer

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-03

How to wash the flatwork ironer can be washed clean, let us explain this.

Generally speaking, guest room linen can be cleaned as long as it is changed every day and used according to the procedure. However, if there is no linen that is changed every day, such as pillowcases and other oily stains, you need to use strong detergent plus degreasing emulsifier for washing. , Pillowcases with severe head greasy will not be washed thoroughly if they are not washed thoroughly.

After the main linen is washed, at least two water rinsing processes are required. This process must not be omitted. No matter how good your washing water is, you need it, otherwise it will be difficult to remove alkaline residues from the linen fibers. a lot of.

The neutralization procedure is very particular. First, it depends on the quality of the tap water you use. If you are using the well water, the neutralization procedure is necessary. If you are washing with tap water, the neutralization procedure cannot be omitted if you are in the north. If the water quality is good in the south In soft water areas, washing hotel linen below 3 stars can be ignored after rinsing twice, and the problem is not too big.

As for the neutralizer with rust removal function, its function can be said to be just a gimmick. Generally, the iron ions produced by the tap water pipeline are relatively small under the condition that the normal flatwork ironer is well maintained, and it will not be effective for linen washing. As for the impact, it is relatively simple to use rust removing water to remove the rust stains on the linen during use. Besides, the concentration of rust removal water used for rust stains is much greater than the concentration of neutralizing acid during the neutralization process. The weak acid during the neutralization process does not help the rust stains that have already occurred.

The main purpose of neutralization is to reduce the alkaline residue of the linen and restore the whiteness and brightness of the linen. Especially for users who use well water and northern washing companies, neutralizing acid should pay more attention to the removal of calcium and magnesium ions. The pH value of the linen after neutralization should be around 6.5, the main reason is that PH=6.5 is the most suitable for the skin, and it will not be complained because of skin contact with alkaline substances.

In this way, the use of linen equipment to clean the linen can clean the linen, and the experience of the guests can also be a good improvement.

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