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IFB Washing Machine The Name You Can Trust On

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-18
IFB is one of the fastest emerging electronic brands, which constantly comes with latest and efficient technology in its wide product range. Company covers the huge portion of the market and has good number of satisfied customers. IFB washing machines are known for their innovative and high-class technologies that come in elegant designs. There are number of full automatic and semi-automatic models of laundry equipment having installation of fine technologies. All models have been designed in sophisticated manner that defines new definition of the elegancy and make to get well-merged with the interior of your bathroom or home. You will find smooth and durable finishing on the outer body of each piece. Generally, the wash load capacity depends on the size of the machine and varies IFB Washing Machine model to model. IFB DIVA cold is one of the efficient pieces from this renowned range that has got wash load capacity of 5kgs with total wash consumption of 65ltrs. It provides you clean and stain-free clothing with minimum time and effort consumption. This compact machine has been equipped with powerful pulsator, spacious washing tub, durable motor with warranty of 24months and functional mechanical outfitting. With FBI DIVA cold stubborn oily & sticky stains and dirty clothes are no more problems for you that effectively results in healthy and bright laundry with every wash. Its powerful rinsing system not only removes the dust and dirty particles but also extract tinny detergent & soaps particles in between the threads of fabric. It is available with pretty attractive price tag of Rs.9, 999 only. You can easily enjoy or engaged with your other works till its wash cycle gets complete. Its fine mechanical outfitting makes its function clam and noise-free. It works on 220-240V single phase 50Hz power supply and has full electromechanical control. This DIVA has got smooth dimension of 65D x 57.5W x 91H cms and dry weight of 58.5kgs. IFB DIVA cold has incorporation of 10 wash care programs (cotton + easy wash) with minimum 50mintues wash cycle time duration. FBI DIVA cold is the perfect piece for the people who crave for performance & power and look you worthy gadgets.
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