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Important Tips You Must Know About Vented Tumble Dryers

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-17
If your looking for more information about vented tumble dryers then your in the right place. Vented dryers have been around for many years and were in fact one of the first types of dryers available. Many reputable companies like Hotpoint, Bosch and Samsung all deal in vented dryers and if you shop around you will always be able to find a great deal and often with free delivery.
Vented dryers basically work by having a pipe that fits into the back of the dryer and when you use the dryer the steam that it produces has to be vented outside. You have 2 different ways you can do this, either use the old fashioned method where you attach a pipe into the back of your dryer and make sure its near a window or an opening and vent all of the steam outside. This is not a bad way to do it especially in the warmer months as many of your window and doors will be open anyway, but in the winter its a different story so if that method would not be practical for you then read the following.
The other way to use a vented dryer is by having a permanent hole in your wall, usually they are situated in the kitchen. If your not capable of doing this job yourself then you will need to pay a builder to do it for you. Its not a big job but it will cost you a few hours labour. Just make sure where ever the hole gets placed you are sure that is where your dryer is going to stay.

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