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Industrial laundry equipment installation positioning

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-03

How much do you know about the installation, positioning and cleaning of industrial laundry equipments? Industrial laundry equipments are driven by a motor to rotate the inner tank through a belt speed change, and rotate forward and backward under the action of a timing controller, which drives water and clothes to move asynchronously, causing water and clothes to rub against each other , Knead to achieve the purpose of washing. When installing an industrial laundry equipment, the galvanized expansion bolts are generally planted on the base according to the size requirements. After the equipment is in place, use a level to check the leveling status, and tighten the nuts of the anchor bolts after meeting the requirements. Next, we will share relevant content for you, hoping to help you out.

When the industrial laundry equipment is installed, the installation work is slightly complicated because the anchor bolt holes need to be poured with concrete twice. The industrial laundry equipment can be transported to the concrete base with rollers or machines first, then the anchor bolts are hung on the corresponding anchor holes of the equipment chassis, and the washers, spring washers and nuts are put on, and the other end is inserted into the concrete base. In the secondary injection hole, withdraw the rollers and machines of the transport equipment one by one. After the industrial laundry equipment is stable, use a level or a transparent hose filled with water to check and check the level of the industrial laundry equipment. If necessary, use an inclined iron to assist Adjust the level of equipment. When moving the equipment, the channel steel on the equipment chassis should be used as the bearing point to avoid damage to the equipment parts. In addition, the editor of Shanghai Lijing reminds you that because of the different types of industrial laundry equipments, different operating conditions and different capacities, the installation and positioning methods used, the size of the anchor bolts and the shape of the tail are also different.

The anchor bolt holes on the concrete base should generally be backfilled with high-grade cement, mixed with pebbles and coarse sand in a certain proportion, and tamped with iron rods while backfilling. After the backfilled part is dry, the surface should be covered with cement mortar. Smooth and calender. After the equipment anchor bolt hole is backfilled, the anchor bolt cannot be tightened immediately, and the nut should be tightened and adjusted after it reaches the corresponding strength (generally at least one week). During the on-site construction, the anchor bolt holes can be backfilled, and various energy pipeline connections and experiments should be carried out. A few days later, before the equipment is debugged, they should be tightened to prevent the backfilled concrete from failing to meet the strength requirements. The equipment is operating normally.

When washing easy-to-fading clothes in an industrial laundry equipment, first put the clothes in salt water for about 30 minutes, then wash them with clean water, and then wash them according to the washing method of general laundry equipment. This can prevent clothes from fading, especially black or red clothes, the effect is more significant.

Although pure cotton clothing is comfortable to wear, non-white fabrics can easily fade. Don't rush to wear it when you buy it. Soak it in boiling water and then wash it in an industrial laundry equipment. It is not only healthy, but also wear-resistant and does not fade. Denim cropped trousers, a must-have in summer, if the color is easy to fade when washed in an industrial laundry equipment, the editor recommends that they be soaked in cold salt water for about 2 hours before washing, and then washed in a large industrial laundry equipment with soap.

When washing easy-to-fading clothes in industrial laundry equipments, you should also pay attention not to soak them in hot water, soapy water, or alkaline water for a long time, and do not use washboards or brushes. When washing industrial laundry equipments, you can put some salt in the water and then rinse it with clean water, which is an effective way to fade.

It is more appropriate to choose color-protecting laundry detergent for industrial laundry equipment detergent. Washing powder mostly uses acidic borate and silicate as the main raw materials. Compared with washing powder, laundry detergent not only has better washing effect in industrial laundry equipments, but also has less foam and is easy to rinse.

Discoloration of clothes is a headache for all of us. Discolored clothes are not only inferior in color, but also may dye other clothes during washing. Therefore, it is recommended to separate the clothes according to the shade of color and wash them with an industrial laundry equipment. , Avoid staining.

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