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Industrial washing machine installation time need to pay attention to?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-13

user after the buy back the industrial washing machine will involve the issue of installation, industrial washing machine manufacturer for everyone today focuses on industrial washing machine is how to install, and matters needing attention of installation industrial washing machine.

as industrial washing machine manufacturer, we sincerely remind users: make industrial washing machine is fully installed, strive for one-time pass, reduce unnecessary trouble in the future.

a, industrial washing machine is in place before the check:

industrial washing machine before installing, be sure to check whether have damage in transit, to confirm all the connection bolts, pipe and pipe connection ( Air inlet pipe, pressure pipe, drain) , all of the electrical connector, a plug-in is loose, check industrial washing machine is damper, shock absorption spring whether have damage, if found, please immediately processing, to prevent accidents.

2, industrial washing machine installation:

industrial washing machine installation, clearance space around size note, industrial washing machines and must leave enough space between the walls, to facilitate the daily maintenance and maintenance. Industrial washing machine back away from the wall not less than 1. 5 meters, not less than 1 m on both sides, and must be installed on the solid foundation, foundation construction must contact us before the manufacturer to identify a specific size, installation must ensure that the damper and spring shift happens.

3, level of industrial washing machine adjustment:

in order to reduce the drying of vibration and noise at high speed, please put the industrial washing machine is firmly fixed on the ground, no for industrial washing machine once checked levels, can lead to dehydration industrial washing machine high speed intense shaking and accident occurs, so must be four anchor bolt is level, industrial washing machine and then tighten the anchor bolts, industrial washing machine is firmly fixed on the ground.

4, steam source into:

industrial washing machine imports of the steam in the upper portion of the washing machine, normal working steam pressure in 0. 4PA- 0. Between pa 6, if the steam pressure is higher than 0. 85 pa, may damage the steam pipeline, personal casualties, between the steam source and washing machine to install a manual stop valve, filter and steam pressure of pressure reducing valve in order to adjust to industrial washing machine, all the piping should be insulated, untouchable steam pipes, because the surface of the pipe is very hot, can cause severe burns, if you want to come into contact with the line maintenance, please close the steam for its cooling after operation.

5, industrial washing machines, gas into water:

1 for industrial washing, cold water into the cold water inlet joint Φ 50 mm tube, located in the upper left behind industrial washing machines, water pressure in the ( 2 - 6kg/mm2) , if the water pressure is lower than the requirement, fill the time will be extended; When the water pressure is higher than 6. 8 kg/cm, because the water pressure is too high, it might damage the pipes, and may cause harm to people, so a manual stop valve and filter the valve must be installed between the industrial washing machine inflow duct.

2, hot water:

the condition of the hot water and cold water is basic about the same, also need to install a manual stop valve, it is worth noting that the temperature of the hot water not too high, prevent injuries to the clothing.

3, compressed air:

industrial washing machine and air compressor with an 8 mm Φ nylon pipe connection, industrial laundry equipment have gas source sanlian pieces, so it's best to adjust the pressure to 4 kg/was, and is to keep the air pressure in 5. 4 - 6. Between 7 kg/cm2, too big or too small will be a problem.

4, drain:

there is a port, the bottom of industrial washing machine connected to the discharge port, is a high temperature resistant Φ 114 mm plastic pipe, drain pipe must be higher than the ground, please don't put the water nozzle, otherwise it will lead to a drain poor drainage, drain must have a flow rate of 300 litres per minute, otherwise it will overflow, will not only dirty clothes, and will cause the industrial washing machine dehydration.

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