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Industrial washing machine product structure

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-13

industrial washing machine and household washing machine is a big difference between normal and rarely come into contact with, only professional cleaning personnel can contact. Industrial washing machine is normally used in hotels and other companies that need a lot of washing needs.

usually adopts horizontal industrial washing machine structure, for roller type more practical and commonly used in industry washing machine structure on both inside and outside the use of high quality stainless steel structure, smooth and neat, and will not rust, corrosion resistance etc. To Mr Grass can hotel supplies wear is small.

industrial washing machine is also easy to operate, the performance is much higher than domestic washing machine, and run smoothly, also live longer than household washing machine. Barrel on security, industrial laundry equipment will be equipped with a safety lock on the door, if industrial washing machine door couldn't good, the machine will not be able to run, if the runtime industrial washing machine door is opened, the machine will stop immediately. In addition, industrial washing machine has a quiet, smooth running, no noise. Household laundry equipment have timing function, also used in industrial laundry equipment, depending on the wash cloth, set the appropriate cleaning time, then automatically shut down.

if the dyeing and washing of industrial washing machine, on the industrial washing machine is equipped with water level gauge and temperature automatic control. Solenoid valve installed on the intake pipe and insulation pipe can control temperature, also can use or install frequency converter speed control motor, according to the requirement to automatically adjust according to the requirements of washing cloth industrial washing machine drum rotational speed.

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