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Industrial washing machine selection with a small hotel

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-22

industrial washing machine called again with a small hotel hotel, hotel use washing machine washing machine. It appeared in various hotels, hotel and other places, for internal linen washing processing. Because for the user to choose model is more, so many users ask: industrial washing machine with a small hotel which is better? Practical application on the market at present the hotel and the user feedback, it is suitable to small hotels, guest houses, hotels of washing machine, there are two main types, one is a large household washing machine, is a kind of industrial washing machine of medium and small capacity. Mainly concentrated in the 10 - capacity 20 kilograms. In this paper, the analysis for everyone under these two products.

, small hotels use the washing machine ( Household washing machine)

first household washing machine, and this kind of product advantage is low price, cover an area of an area small, installation is simple, easy to carry, low maintenance cost. Not in mechanical force is weak, washing effect is poor, not suitable for high strength, short service life.

2, industrial washing machine with a small hotel

for industrial washing machine, this kind of product advantage is the mechanical force strong, the washing effect is good, selecting materials, durable, parts selection, low failure rate. The deficiency lies in the high price, the maintenance cost, covers an area of big, installation problems.

so, if from the point of consideration for a long time, so the washing machine with a small hotel choose industrial washing machine is more suitable. Although the initial investment cost is slightly larger, install a little trouble, but it is the use of more meet our requirements. And it is more and more users know this, so have to purchase an industrial washing machine to use.

in the industrial washing machine to act as industrial washing machine with a small hotel, suggest you can choose automatic washing this product. The machine with multiple functions to a body wash, rinse, dehydration, and can real time according to user requirements, including water level, speed, time, temperature, cycle times, the washing parameters, such as setting, to ensure to achieve the ideal use effect.

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