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Industrial washing machine type electric heating and steam

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-14

industrial washing machine in which there are two types, one is electric heating type industrial laundry equipment and steam industrial washing machine, these two kinds of common use of a steam automatic washing, electric heating type of fully automatic washing, electric heating type single flat machine, steam hot hot leveling machine, etc.

this two types of industrial washing machine, which is better? To analyze. For each USES different industrial washing machine use, whatever the industrial washing machine, they all have their own a little. Industrial washing machine washing experts think: using steam as power will be more environmental protection and energy saving, from the data point of view, addition of steam washing machine equipment power consumption is only about 10% of the electric heating industrial washing machine, the average power consumption per hour only 2 degrees, is the point of view, the gap of two kinds of industrial washing machine is very big still.

it's not hard to see, more professional cleaning agents are more inclined to steam industrial washing machine. Because of steam in industrial washing machine is in the process of cleaning penetration of soft clothing, but also can remove peculiar smell, and fold increase after cleaning the fleeciness feeling, let a guest use more comfortable, so steam industrial washing machine also try for hotel cleaning equipment.

steam washing machine advantage of the huge, can bring the laundry energy saving, water saving, and environmental benefit, so a laundromat often also use steam industrial washing machine. The characteristics of the steam industrial washing machine is washing the clothes to dry after very soft, not dry; The electric heating type industrial washing machine to dry clothes relatively dry.

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