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Installation requirements for water inflow and drainage of washing machinery

by:GOWORLD     2020-03-06
The installation of laundry laundry equipment into and out of the water is very important. If the installation is not good, there will be water leakage, while if the drainage pipe is not installed well, there will be problems such as pipe blockage, which will affect the Drainage. This can be seen, it is quite important to drain the laundry. Next, the small Editor of the laundry equipment manufacturer will share relevant contents with you, hoping to solve your doubts. First, laundry equipment water installation requirements 1, water supply pressure in 2- Between 7bar, too low pressure will increase working hours. 2, cold, hot water pipe should have a separate manual valve control, easy to wash the maintenance of machinery. 3. The washing machine and the water supply pipe shall be connected with durable hoses to avoid noise and leakage caused by equipment vibration transmitted to the pipeline (It is recommended to use flexible nut durable pressure hose) 4, in the washing machine water front end should be installed water filter, so as to avoid impurities into the equipment to block the valve. 5. In some places with high water pressure, a broken air balance valve can be installed to avoid noise caused by 'water hammer. 6. When there is no independent hot water supply, the cold and hot water at the inlet end of the washing machine can be supplied in parallel. Note: All pipelines should be opened before connecting to the washing machine. The water valve should be discharged for 2 minutes to discharge the impurities in the pipeline, so as not to block the control valve inside the equipment. Second, drainage installation requirements, drainage system is divided into drainage pipe form and drainage ditch form two methods, the specific requirements are as follows: 1, drainage pipe installation, must ensure that the main drainage pipe has sufficient drainage cross-sectional area, in order to make multiple washing machines discharge smoothly at the same time. 2. When installing the drainage pipe, the balance pipe of the atmosphere should be increased to avoid the phenomenon of 'siphon. 3. For washing machines with rigid support, a hose is finally added between the drain pipe and the equipment to avoid conducting vibration. 4. When installing the drainage ditch, the grid cover should be added to avoid the operator falling down or contacting the harmful chemical waste liquid; The sewage is installed with a filter screen before entering the drain pipe. Special attention should be paid to the fact that ordinary washing plants pump water from wells. In places with poor water quality, soft water devices should be added. When installing drainage pipes, galvanized pipes are used for economical and strong pipes.
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