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Interesting Facts About Dry Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-22
Dry Cleaning was invented by accident. Accidents are not good and we despise the word as much as we despise what it corresponds to. However, some accidents may lead to inventions that can change our lives for better: case in point, dry cleaning. On an idle day in 19th century, Jean Baptiste Jolly noticed that his table cloth became all the more clean when the maid in the house 'accidently' spilled kerosene on it. This soon paved way for petroleum based dry cleaning solvents. Most items tagged 'dry clean only' may just be fad Although, it is true that some of the items are too sensitive to be washed in the washing machine, there are scores and scores of items that can be hand washed at home and do not require dry cleaning as the tag may claim. These tags usually create a false illusion that the clothes tagged as that are of superior quality than the others. It is almost instinctive to think like that guided by which we end up paying more for them than for the others. Experts believe that this is nothing more than marketing gimmick and holds no truth at most times. Dry cleaning can be done at home The Google age has led most housewives to believe that dry cleaning can be performed at home using the same dry cleaning solvents that the professional use. This is not true and dry cleaning solvents must not be used at home because most of these can hamper environment in a way which cannot be mended. For instance; if the solvents are let to go down the drain after being used, they hold the odds of chocking the entire sewage system. Besides, some of these solvents are cancer causing too which must not be messed with. About Quick Dry Cleaning Quick Dry Cleaning is smart software that aims at altering the dry cleaning practices being followed in the industry down the ages. The software with its unique features allows the dry cleaners to save as many as 100 hours a year apart from letting them expand business. With this software in tow, one can manage business even whole sitting thousand miles away from the store.
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