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Keeping Your Commercial Laundry Green

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-28
These days nearly every business is under pressure to go green, and this is being driven not just by people power and a desire to be kinder to our environment, but also by government legislation, meaning that every business is now bound by law to reduce its carbon emissions.
In this respect a commercial laundry business is no different to any other and indeed if anything there is more pressure on such businesses to go green, as due to the nature of the business a commercial laundry does, it uses a lot of power, water and detergent.
Indeed to highlight how much pressure there is on laundries to go green, nearly every hotel bathroom in the World has a notice in it saying 'Be kinder to our environment and re-use your towels.' This is not just for cost saving it is done to help negate the effects of doing so much laundry. Less laundry equals less harmful detergent and power used.
So when it comes to buying new commercial laundry equipment, then to keep your carbon footprint low and minimise your company's tax bill then it makes sense to buy laundry equipment that is designed to minimise the use of electricity and water. As an example a good 'Green' 8 kg load high-speed washing machine on its sluice cycle can use 70% less than a machine that is not well designed. Multiply this water saving over a year's worth of washes and you could find that you will even be happy to pay a premium for such a machine due to the long-term water cost saving.
Green features can be incorporated in to all aspects of a commercial laundry with the latest tumble driers actually sensing when the load is dry and stopping the machine accordingly, thus using far less electric than if the tumble dryer was to run on a pre-set timer.
One of the most harmful things a laundry can use is the detergent for doing the laundry, so aim to use biodegradable detergents and finishing products wherever possible. By doing so you can actually use this as a plus point when selling your laundry services to new clients.
Lastly when purchasing commercial laundry equipment then look to buy machines that are made of as many materials as possible that can be recycled at the end of the machines usable life.
Following these guidelines you can minimise your carbon footprint and keep your commercial laundry as green as possible.

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