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Kenstar Washing Machine- The Most Affordable Washing

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-17
Kenstar is the leading electronic brand, which deals into manufacturing of kitchen and home appliances. It has wide range of electronic products that have been rolled-out with creative and functional technical features. Kenstar are unique in itself that provide you effortless and fine clothing with single wash cycle. You are available with number of efficient fully automatic and semi automatic laundry equipment. Kenstar LS70 is the semi-automatic washing machine, which has wash load capacity of 6.1 to 7kgs and electro mechanical control type. It has got beautiful dimension of 780 (width) x 480 (depth) x 960 (height) mm with total weight of 23kgs. It is available with pretty attractive price tag of Rs.5, 600 only. This top loading washing machine has got powerful pulsator that effectively agitates clothes in detergent water without harming the texture of the fabric and removes all kind of stains and dust particles in between the threads of the fabric to provide you clean and healthy clothing. Its single wash cycle takes minimum 15minutes wash cycle with two prewash programs including heavy wash and delicate wash. Though, it doesn't have basic installation of custom clean program, hot water wash, quick wash and normal wash programs. In its interior, it has incorporation of two tub: one for the wash and other one for spin cycle. Its bleach & detergent dispenser extract the detergent particles in between the fabric threads to provide you hygienic laundry. Kenstar LS70 has maximum spin speed of 1350rpm with water pressure of 110bars. It works efficiently with power consumption of 350W & 180W for wash motor cold and spin motor respectively. This elegant washing machine has polymer body, which is enough strong and durable for long run. Kenstar LS70 is the perfect option to opt to create extra enjoyment of high-class technology and elegancy. More information is available on - naaptol.com, which is a click away from your fingers where you can compare the price & features of various products from different brands. We offer you best online deals and discounts.
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