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Large cylinder maintenance and water conservation measures within a washing machine

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-18

the first: large washing machine, after three months using clean, must carry on the inner cylinder and inner cylinder cleaning every half a year later.

2: large drum washing machine can be a month or six weeks for a high temperature program running, with internal wall of disinfection sterilization effect. Third:

after large washing machine after use, do not cover the lid or door immediately, to let the inner barrel natural drying; And in order to make large washing machine is well ventilated, had better not in an external cover large washing machine cover.

4: in order to ensure the same large washing machine has good ventilation environment, conditional large washing machine can be installed in the ventilation of the balcony or corridor in the porch, pay attention to ensure every tide of large washing machine ventilation.

the fifth: the drain must be higher than the drainage pipe, water can not be left in the drainage tube.

6: no time to pick the filter bag hanging outside and let it fully dry.

below shows you how to properly clean inner barrel:

large non-metal tank washing machine in the containing chloroform 300 PPM to 500 PPM ( PPM is one over one million) Aqueous solution, open the back net 3 ~ 5 minutes.

large metal tank washing machine in the content of 0. 5% ~ 1% glutaraldehyde solution soak 10 ~ 15 minutes back.

due to the mold is very sensitive to temperature, survival rate is very low, in 35 ℃ water in 45 ℃ hot water is almost zero, so use 45 ℃ hot water cleaning can effectively kill the mold.

in addition, for large drum washing machine, can complete monthly run a 90 ℃ high temperature applications, can have the effect of disinfection.

large washing machine as the most practical and most important, the most popular large washing machine washing and is widely used in various fields, such as hotels, hotel, hospital, school, factory, dyeing factory, industrial and mining enterprises and other laundry.

large washing machine every time prewash, main wash each time, 2 - rinse 3 times, which need to cost a lot of water, in today's increasingly scarce water resources, how to save water resources become the target of washing machine industry.

large washing machine in the discharge of waste water ( The second and third rinse wastewater quality is better) Can be used as a cylinder clothing prewash, main wash and rinse water for the first time.

there is no wastewater reuse function using large washing machine, all the units will be the waste water directly into the sewer, cause serious waste of water resources.

large washing machine water saving water-saving automatic controller, the core of automatic control system. Automatic controller USES the digital electronic technology, water intake and drainage of large washing machine, automatic control points for implementation of washing wastewater emissions, would be prewash and main washing and rinsing for the first time the stale waste water discharged into the sewage pipe. Water will be a good rinse wastewater collected and automatically reuse, achieve the goal of saving water.

large washing machine water control principle is: the large washing machine water, drainage, open the door of communication signals, the signal conversion circuit converts dc pulse signal to the counter, counter output terminal of the output is high, the low potential, the switching circuit and dc relay, control opening and closing of electromagnetic valve or pump motor, realize the large automatic control of feed water and drainage to the washing machine.

specific operation is mounted on the large washing machine drain a tee, two solenoid valve installed on the two outlet control drainage direction, a gateway to the sewage pipe, a tank to recycle. Electromagnetic valve opening and closing controlled by water saving controller, large washing machine prewash, main wash and rinse wastewater discharge to the sewer, for the first time the second and third rinse wastewater discharge to the recycling pool, repeated use. Lack of energy in today's society, to carry out the energy saving, water saving electricity saving is our responsibility and the duty of every citizen.

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