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Large industrial washing machine factory way of business

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-22

in large industrial washing machine factory is introduced: Simon says 'management's decisions'. And a lot of managers in the decision-making. Management decisions and not wrong, the problem is not only did he make his decision, also on behalf of others. This is the so-called 'authority' to Simon.

for large industrial washing machine factory, the 'authority' for the operation and management, is not always a good idea. Leadership see live scattered a few parts, very angry. So looking for lessons to employees, seemed to be normal. In fact you inadvertently made a decision: 'the ground not scattered parts'. Next time you may see is parts fell into the ditch. Pick up the parts fell to the ground, to fix a problem parts, wipe the dust on the equipment, improve the method of a job, and so on. Don't need a decision. Even to mention efficient, improve quality, reduce the cost of such events, also do not need to decision making. Great achievements in the small of every employee.

large industrial washing machine factory management for do, is to guide employees to take responsibility, inspire wisdom. Washing machine factory participation is the foundation of the enterprise culture as long as there is a survival of enterprises, there will be a kind of enterprise culture. The challenge is how to shape and guide it correctly. Organization is a system of roles, the role of good system requires participation and interaction. This is a good large industrial washing machine factory of enterprise culture foundation.

when most people do not have self role cognition and the role recognition, the enterprise will develop bureaucracy, groups as well as the opposite of cultural phenomenon. This company will appear two different cultures: promoting culture - — A minority of management culture and folk culture of will - — Most people's natural formation of the culture. Good company is always derived from the existing cultural sublimation, and drive the overall, gradually formed to follow and practice of the whole enterprise culture.

large industrial washing machine factory of washing think only the culture of participation and practice, to make full correct cognition and the role of identity formation, and stimulate their potential, bravely take responsibilities and obligations. This is the true has the vitality of the company.

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