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Laundry linen washing wastewater treatment equipment processing steps and matters needing attention?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-21

laundry linen washing wastewater treatment equipment processing steps and matters needing attention?

the first step: pretreatment

it can through the mesh filter, water quality adjustment, chemical precipitation, floating, oil separation methods, such as preliminary purify laundry wastewater, the purpose is to separate the water suspended solids, colloid, oil, heavy oil and other impurities. After pretreatment, waste water, grease and other large particles in the suspension of basic clean material. Step 2: biological purification the biological method is used for sewage treatment of ammonia nitrogen wastewater. Microbial degradation can be used for biodegradable dissolved organic substances in wastewater and colloidal substances, which can effectively reduce the content of ammonia nitrogen and COD in water. After biochemical treatment of the wastewater quality can reach the standard. Reaction tank bottom sludge can join the west street in the ammonia nitrogen removal. If the water quality is complicated, COD content is, color, and other indicators do not conform to the standard, need deep purification. Step 3: deep purification mostly active carbon adsorption method, ozone oxidation, ion exchange method and membrane separation technology, the purpose is to reduce COD in waste water content and color, taste, adsorbed water and bad smell, some organic matter degradation microbial contaminants and hard dissolved inorganic pollutants purifying wastewater completely. Sewage treatment process matters needing attention, 1) Because each laundry wastewater quality, wastewater treatment, the standard is different, therefore, choice of treatment method in the manufacturing process of also have very big difference. ( 2) In the entire laundry wastewater treatment process, the use of ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment ( 3) Among them, in the process of waste water flocculation precipitation, mostly in remover; In sludge dewatering processing, undertake choosing according to water quality.
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