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Laundry Recommendations for Hospital Laundry Equipment

Laundry Recommendations for Hospital Laundry Equipment


1. Linen classification

There are various linens that need to be washed in hospital laundry room equipment, including hospital clothes, bed linen, doctor's gown, etc. The pollutants attached to the linen mainly include blood stains, secretions and excretions, drugs, etc., so in Before cleaning, it must be classified. The classification is mainly the classification of the type of linen and the classification of the degree of pollution. If some linens are seriously polluted, they need to be treated separately.


2. Use an isolated washer

Generally speaking, the washing equipment in the hospital laundry room is an isolated washing machine, because the contaminants of the hospital linen may contain infectious germs. It is very likely that it will re-attach to the linen when taking the clothes, causing cross-infection. In order to avoid cross-infection of the virus, the washing equipment in the hospital laundry room will use the sanitary isolation washing machine that enters the front door and exits the back door.


3. Suggestions on the operation of water washing equipment

Before washing, check all clothing pockets for content. Generally, the pockets of doctors' gowns may contain pens and paper, which may contaminate all clothing if washed together.


When washing a doctor's gown or other clothes, you don't need to fill it too much. About three-quarters of the load can make it easier for the clothes to turn over in the drum, so that the friction between the clothes is greater and the washing quality is improved.


Use low water level in the main wash. If there is very little water in the drum during the main wash, the concentration of detergent will be very high. Although only part of the linen can be attached to the linen during washing, the washing quality and efficiency will be higher.


Collars and sleeves are usually the dirtiest places. If you treat the dirty areas of the white coat before washing, you can appropriately reduce the washing time and the amount of detergent when washing with hospital laundry equipment.

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