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laundry shop machine manufacture by Foshan Goworld

laundry shop machine manufacture by Foshan Goworld


Our coin type self-service laundries shop have used allover the world but in china not computer because the different of culture,but now ,The gas company also give to the staff welfare in Guangdong,china,open a self-service laundry shop on time 24hrs.

The picture show that the foreigner need to open the laundry chain,and buy many laundry shop washing drying machine,laundry shop stack drying machine,or single drum type washing machine.we are focus on producing self-service type washing machine ,and have the completed of line with laundry machine products,spare parts ,and how to installation the machine .

Thank the agents of gas company give the after-sale work done for us, and also the customers for their trust and support as always, and we look forward to doing better in 


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