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List of hotel laundry facilities

List of hotel laundry facilities


Description: The hotel industry is also developing rapidly, and many people have begun to invest in the hotel industry, and hotel laundry equipment is a must-have item for starting the hotel industry. So how should hotels choose suitable washing equipment?


With the improvement of tourism and the market economy, the hotel industry has also developed rapidly, and many people have begun to invest in the hotel industry, and hotel laundry room equipment is a must-have item to start the hotel industry, so how should a hotel choose the right one? What about washing equipment?


When it comes to hotel laundry room equipment and facilities, the most basic will be divided into 4 categories, including washing equipment (automatic industrial washing machine), drying equipment (automatic industrial dryer), ironing equipment (ironing machine) and folding equipment Equipment (folding machine), if it is a star hotel's laundry room equipment, it will also include dry cleaning equipment (dry cleaning machine) and other washing equipment for processing guests' clothes, including clip ironing machine, suction ironing table, etc.

List of hotel laundry facilities:

1. Washing equipment:

Washing equipment is the most basic equipment in the hotel laundry room. In the past, washing equipment that separated washing and dehydration was used, but now it has been replaced by a fully automatic washing machine. One machine can wash and dehydrate at the same time, which greatly improves the work of the hotel laundry room. Efficiency, automatic washing machines are generally divided into fixed and suspended types. Fixed washing machines are simple in structure and affordable, while suspension washing machines have large capacity, easy installation and no need to lay foundations. The washing capacity is from 15kg to 150kg, which can meet the hotel laundry room with different washing needs.


2. Drying equipment:

Due to the large amount of washing, hotels are generally equipped with dryers instead of drying. Generally, hotel laundry rooms are equipped with large-capacity washing equipment and large-scale drying equipment. The capacity of automatic dryers is also from 15 kg to 150. There are three types of heating: electric heating, gas heating and steam heating. Although electric heating is not as fast as the other two, it is easy to install and has a wide range of applications. It can be used as long as there is electricity. Gas heating dryers are divided into natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas heating, low cost and fast heating. Most laundry rooms with high washing demand are equipped with natural gas heating dryers to reduce working time costs and energy consumption costs. For steam heating dryers, the user is relatively small, and it is necessary to connect a steam boiler to use steam for heating. Generally, if the laundry room is equipped with a larger steam boiler, such as a hot spring hotel, a steam heating dryer will be selected.


3. Ironing equipment:

The ironing equipment in the hotel laundry room is mainly ironing machine with a length of more than two meters. It is mainly used for ironing hotel room bed linen and quilt covers. Towels are not suitable for ironing in the ironing machine. The ironing machine does not need to be fully ironed when ironing the sheets Dry, in the process of ironing, the water on the linen can be evaporated. If the washing machine has a strong dehydration function, it can sometimes be directly ironed, but generally it needs to be dried in a dryer. GOWORLD laundry ironing machines are divided into one-meter-seven, two-meter-five and three-meter wide ironing machines, which are suitable for hotel laundry rooms with different needs. The higher the quantity, the faster the ironing speed.


4. Folding device

The folding equipment in the hotel laundry room can generally be connected to the ironing machine, which can be folded immediately after the ironing of the bed sheet and quilt cover. Similarly, such a folding machine is not suitable for folding small linen such as towels. Towel folding will have a special towel folding machine to fold.

With so many devices available, how do you choose? Let's discuss together

1. Whether the functions of the laundry room equipment are complete

The function of the washing equipment mainly depends on the computer version. Whether the computer version of the washing equipment can set the program, whether it can wash automatically and manually, whether it can report an error when it fails, and whether it can automatically stop to ensure safety.


2. Safe operation design of laundry room equipment. The washing machine and dryer used in the hotel are all industrial laundry room equipment. Most of them are higher than people, so the safety function is essential. The door lock of the washing machine automatically locks when there is water in the drum. The ironing machine is equipped with anti-pinch device and so on.


3. The equipment operation is quiet

Hotel laundry rooms are generally built not far from the hotel. Good laundry room equipment generally runs smoothly, without too much noise, and the user experience is good.


Hotel laundry room equipment will vary according to different washing needs. If you need to customize a reasonable hotel laundry room equipment plan, you can directly contact Foshan GOWORLD Washing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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