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Luxurious Havens in an Idyllic Location

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-16
An idyllic beach location, situated to the southern part of Kerala, Kovalam is one of the hottest tourist destinations. Brought to fore by Travancore kings, Kovalam is one of the oldest known tourist spots of India. Kovalam shot to prominence in ninety seventies when large swarm of hippies thronged to the place. Overnight, Kovalam became popular among western tourists. Thirteen kilometers away from Thrivananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, Kovalam is readily accessible through road. This easy accessibility leads to an increased demand among local tourists also. The meaning of the word 'Kovalam' is grove of coconut trees and true to its name the beach have lot of coconut trees swaying its heads in sunny weather along its shores. The crescent shaped beach has three parts. The larger southern part is known as Light house beach. It abodes a thirty five meter high light house standing on top of Kurumkal hill. The middle part is named Hawah Beach (meaning Eve's Beach), once known for roaming topless western women, a practice now banned. The northern part is known as Samudra Beach. Catering to the large numbers of tourists swarming to Kovalam, there are a number of hotels in Kovalam, functioning. They provide for world class accommodation with luxury par excellence, endearing service, warmth and hospitality. On top of that, Kovalam Hotels are situated within the serene haven giving tourists the feel of Kovalam eeriness throughout the stay. Budget Hotels Kovalam satisfies the need of middle end tourists for affordable accommodation. They offer value for money amenities, excellent service and warmth and hospitality. The hotels in Kovalam offer luxurious rooms, Banquet hall, hot and cold water supply, spacious parking facilities, dry clean and laundry facilities, travel desk that works for twenty four hours, direct dialing ISD and STD facility, wireless internet, round the clock room service. They also offer facilities for business conventions, conferences, staff meetings and training programmes. The cuisine is of international standard and almost all varieties - Continental to Thai - are on the offering. Some Hotels in Kovalamhave Ayurveda massage parlors and yoga centers as additional amenities. The blue waters of Kovalam sea is shallow and one can go into the sea for about hundred meters. This fact apart from the serenity of waters and favorable climate make it an ideal spot for swimming. One cannot also resist the temptation to lie on clean white sandy beach and sunbath. Kovalam Hotelsarrange for that also. Many coastal places have endearing patches of coral reefs and there is facility to go snorkeling underwater. One can go surfing- facilities for which are available on rent and also take a ride in ancient catamarans, local boats rowed by expert local fishermen. The sea port of Vizhinjam is about three kilometers away. Vizhinjam is well known for its special variety of fishes and homes old Hindu temples, big churches and a mosque.Although highly commercialized and crowded, Kovalam still retains its primordial innocence which made it darling of tourists and thus remaining so.
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