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Luxury Business Hotels with Conference Facilities

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-19
Gone are the times when hotels were basically a part of tourism and service industry. The growth of hotel industry was greatly dependent on the growth of tourism industry of the influx of tourist which was seasonal. Thus, there would be days when this industry would go through slow or bad phases during a year. Being home to the tourists during their stay, the growth of hotels was always in the direction of catering to the needs of the tourists. Globalization of industries has changed the dynamics of business and provided an opportunity for organizations to establish their offices around the world. The global business world has its various business transactions with different organizations across the globe. This increases the movement of people due to work which in turn is a big boost to the hospitality and service industry. Catering to people from across the globe, these hotels have to raise their standards according to the needs of the people they accommodate. The hospitality industry is a part of the service industry and involves hotels, restaurants, transportation, event planning and others which create the impression about the place and the local society. With various class or category of hotels available. competition is tough within this industry which has given room to be innovative and creative in their services making their clients feel special. Business travelers have become one of the major contributors to this sector with continuous flow of visitors through out the year. Pune is one of those cities which is well known in the country for its outstanding educational institutions and IT industries, which has earned it the tag of Educational Hub and IT Hub. This city was prosperous during the rule of Marathas and has industrially developed since long. Home to many multinational companies, Pune has a large influx of business travelers along with the tourists. Hotels here have upgraded themselves to provide the best of facilities for such clients which are different from the needs of tourists. Welcoming well-decorated spacious rooms provide the comfort of rest and relax after a day's hard work. Keeping the healthcare of such travelers in mind, hotels these days provide gymnasium, laundry and transport facilities. The Wi-Fi connectivity provided enables one to continue his/her work from the hotel making it comfortable and stay connected to the outside world. Although one does not stay much in the hotel rooms during their business travels, these comforts help them to work better. Especially for business clients, these Pune hotels with conference facilities provide things like projectors and other gadgets required, conference hall for seminars and lectures, halls for press conference and corporate activities like in-house training, product launch, corporate screening & recruitment and catering services to such business activities.
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