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Matters needing attention in summer use of washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-28
With the arrival of the solar term of long summer, we have come to the arrival of the hottest summer with the hottest bacteria breeding in the year, in this season, the use of washing equipment in various laundry rooms, dry cleaners, hotel laundry rooms and other places ushered in the peak of work, when we use laundry equipment at a high frequency, which problems should we pay attention to in summer? Our company has sorted out 3 precautions for the use of summer washing equipment. 1. Moisture-proof laundry equipment in summer, due to the sultry weather and humid laundry environment, the moisture-proof washing equipment is urgent. When we use laundry equipment, we should place the equipment on a platform that is elevated, do a good job of indoor moisture-proof and moisture-proof, maintain a reasonable and scientific temperature and humidity in the room, and prevent the failure and damage of washing equipment caused by excessive temperature or humidity. 2. Cleaning and disinfection of washing equipment. Summer is the season when all kinds of bacteria breed rapidly. Therefore, when we use washing equipment, we should do a good job in cleaning and disinfection of washing equipment, after the washing equipment is used, we should open the cover and let the inner cylinder dry naturally, and the sundries collection bags should also be washed and cleaned regularly. At the same time, we also need to disinfect all equipment regularly to prevent bacteria from breeding and causing health damage. 3. Check the equipment and maintenance regularly. In this special season of summer, we should check and maintain all washing equipment regularly. The inspection should focus on all power supplies and joints, if leakage occurs, that is, the wire part has been damaged, professionals should be found to repair it immediately.
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