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Metro&Food or Other Laundry Project from GOWORLD

Metro&Food or Other Laundry Project from GOWORLD

LAUNDRY INFORMATION FOR METER STATION /FOOD FACTORY/MEDICIN FACTORY: Laundry layout:washing area,drying area,ironing area,finishing area,sorting area ,dry cleaing area

Washing Quantity Calculation

Washing For Daily:

Washing itemQty(pcs)WeightTotal (kg)
Clothes5000.6 kg/pcs300
Trousers5000.6 kg/pcs300


Laundry Machines Plan:

ItemModelQtyEach Machine sizeHeating
Automatic Washer Extractor (35kgcapacity)XGQ-35F21440*1350*1700mmElectric heating or hot water supply outside
Automatic Dryer (35kgcapacity)GDZ-35Q21100*1480*2050mmElectric heating
Automatic Dry cleaning machine (12kgcapacity)TC3025E11690*1450*2040mmElectric heating
Vacuum Spotting MachineSP-1A11150*520*17000mmSteam heating
Pneumatic Control Of Utility PressWJ-12111200*1400*1300mmSteam heating
Collar and sleeve PressWJ-12211200*1400*1300mmSteam heating
Should-back pressWJ-12311200*1400*1300mmSteam heating
Body pressWJ-12411200*1400*1300mmSteam heating

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