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Mulled Wine Disaster On Demand...!

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-15
My parents recently told me how they invited their neighbors over for a Christmas drink... this included their young children and it wasn't long before one of them knocked over a glass of mulled wine on to their pale carpet.... not only highly embarrassing for everyone, but a real problem to clean up! Everyone has a similar story at some time and many people just assume they will never get the stain out so cover it up with a rug! Not the ideal solution, especially when there are some great stain removers now for this sort of situation, such as Gonzo Red Wine Out Stain Remover which removes stains like magic. If they had this purchased this product to keep for such emergencies they could have saved themselves a lot of panic! (and they could have impressed their guests at the speed that it works on the stain!) Wine Out is a multi-purpose product, which doesn't smell and is non-toxic. It can remove Red Wine stains from many types of clothing, carpets, upholstery & many other areas where stains might show up. Because of its unique formation it is effective on almost all Red Wine stains. It can be used as a laundry pre-wash, or an instant spot remover, allowing garments to be worn immediately after spots have been removed. Roller Brushes are equally useful, not only for removing hairs from clothes/carpets but also for harder to clean areas such as sofa upholstery, curtains and when using the paper wrapped around your hand cleans areas a vacuum cleaner never can! Ok, so you want to reduce the chemicals you use, but you also want to save money. Why not switch your fabric conditioner for the super effective and cheaper Dryer Balls, providing a re-usable, safe, non-toxic & environmentally friendly way to soften your laundry without using chemicals or fabric conditioners. Using fabric softeners and drying sheets can sometimes cause unwanted allergies, but the pink & blue 'Tumble Dryer Balls' soften fabrics the natural way. Want to do some cleaning but don't want the chemicals? Check out these Gonzo Cleaning Sponges which can be used over and over again! The range includes sponges for removing pet hairs, cleaning the dashboards & upholstery in your car, your Lampshades, Ceiling Fans, Venetian Blinds, Curtains, Computer Screens, Books and more! Similarly the E-Cloth Kitchen Pack provides chemical free cleaning for all hard surfaces. Brilliant on stainless steel worktops, glass, chrome, granite & wood. Perfect cleaning with just water. They save time, save money and are kind to your family and the environment. It is most effective when applied to freshly made stains, but when red wine has spilt you can mop it up with salt and leave it for 30 minutes. You can also pour some white wine on it to neutralise it and you can dab it with some bleach product (but not if it is spilt onto any colour other than white) but best of all reach for Gonzo Wine-Out. It makes the red colour disappear like magic. So save tears next time this happens (which it will!) and reach for the Gonzo Wine-Out! Available in a 12oz large bottle and 1oz handy spray.
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