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Need to pay attention to when hotel related electricity use washing machine?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-02

hotel washing machine because of its effective washing, strong energy and is loved by the masses of consumer users, then at the same time of operating the equipment for washing clothes, for safety to be reckoned with, the following hotel washing machine manufacturer for all matters related to the equipment used in the electric safety do simple summary, don't miss the interested friends, hope you can bring some help.

related hotel washing machine electricity when using need to pay attention to?

1, prevent explosion

some clothes containing solvents, easy to explode in the washing process, should pay special attention to safety when washing type clothing. And must be used when using steam heating steam safety valve, hotel washing machine without steam safety valve, the pressure inside the engine beyond limits will explode.

2, prevent to get an electric shock

hotel machine washing process, to switch button, the program must not use wet hand, it's easy to cause electric shock. Switch the opening and closing for a long time easy to wear, contact could also lead to get an electric shock if not timely replacement.

3, prevent burns

hotel washing machine equipment in order to achieve better washing effect, sometimes need to heat the water. Hotel door temperature of the washing machine at this time will be very high, direct touch with water can cause burns. Can wait for a period of time to hatch temperature decrease and then open the hatch.

all in all, in the use of hotel laundry equipment wash clothes, to wash clean, not only must have the safe comfortable. After all the hotel washing machine main personnel is customer service, customer satisfaction is higher, the hotel has an important role in the development, well service and word of mouth, so the hotel will need to in the industry on the service well.

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