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Now Is The Time For Dry Cleaners To Focus on Energy

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-14
Here in the south, we are moving into the dog days of summer. Its been hot, families are taking their summer vacations, the general public is wearing less dry cleaning and many cleaners are starting to feel the pinch of all of this. Not to worry though, in a couple months things will be going wide open again and you will be wondering when you will have the time do many of the necessary maintenance items, let alone those items that are not as critical and are easily put off for another day. That is what I say now is the time to focus on those energy saving and money saving ideas that are often put on the back burner and in the end, continue to nip at those profit margins. A few items you might want to consider to save you $$$$. The slower months also offer a good opportunity to do some housekeeping. Cleaning the lint and dust off the overhead piping is a nasty job and easily put off, but with the slower summer months this can be a good time to do this and a good way to give the employees some extra hours. This is also a great time for a fresh coat of paint, wallpaper or rejuvenating of the lobby. Nothing says 'do business here' more than good curb appeal. Summer can be a slow time for us dry cleaners, but is also the perfect time to take advantage of this slowdown, in order to get ready for the busy months that will soon be on us.
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