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ntroduction to operation process of linen folding machine

ntroduction to operation process of linen folding machine


A folding machine is a device that a manufacturer would choose as an auxiliary device. It seems that the operation is very simple, so people usually ignore their regular operation process, so that they don't know how to solve the problem when they actually encounter it later. The FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY FACTORY folding machines have been serving customers for over ten years, and their installation and training services are also randomly equipped. The following is a detailed explanation of the operation process of the FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY FACTORY folding machines compiled by the editor:

Before use, it is necessary to accurately install the folding machine. There are no special basic requirements for the installation of the FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY FACTORY folding machine, but the machine must be placed on a relatively flat cement ground and have a 1.5 meter operating and maintenance position in the front, back, left, and right. After installing the machine, please level the drum with a level gauge. The machine must be grounded during installation to avoid accidents.

Then, before starting the folding machine work every day, it is necessary to visually or manually inspect the conveyor belt, motor, induction tube, etc. of the folding machine to see if there are any components that are broken or out of position; Then use air pressure to blow off the dust on the folding machine and wipe each sensor clean. This is to prevent the sensor from misjudging due to dust. Then turn on the switch and observe whether the emergency switches, belts and folding parts are normal when the machine is running.

Secondly, the ironing speed of the ironing machine used is set to the corresponding working speed of the folding machine. Achieve synchronous operation to avoid affecting work efficiency and corresponding folding effect due to different speeds. In addition, pay attention to the direction of the conveyor belt of the folding machine during power on to avoid reverse movement. Taking the input conveyor belt as an example, it should be in the forward feeding direction when facing the folding machine. If the direction is not correct, the position of any two phase lines of the folding machine motor can be changed.

Finally, in the actual operation process, when there is a machine malfunction, we can press the emergency stop button of the machine to quickly stop it. At the same time, it is also necessary to stop the introduction of linen at the ironing machine and wait for the fault to be resolved before restarting for use.

The advantages of the FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY FACTORY folding machine products are as follows:

1. It has folding standard discrimination, protection, and alarm, and has a self diagnosis and automatic management system

2. The domestically pioneered static electricity elimination function (optional option: static electricity removal rod) effectively reduces static electricity on the fabric, reduces problems such as curling and wrinkling, improves folding quality, and increases the reliability and stability of machine operation

3. Domestic patent project: a belt flipping mechanism for removing static electricity, eliminating static electricity on the conveyor belt, and avoiding adhesion between linen and the conveyor belt during the folding process.

4. The horizontal folding configuration has a four channel folding working mode, and the cloth does not need to be input synchronously. The cloth does not need to be of the same size and quadruple to improve work efficiency;

5. Use an intelligent infrared inspection system to measure the length and actual movement speed of the fabric, improving folding accuracy


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