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Numatic Vacuum Cleaners a Full Range of Functions

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-14
Numatic vacuum cleaners have long been a gold standard for industrial efficiency in every cleaning niche. Whether it's a company looking to stock its own cleaning cupboards with the right tools for the job - the right price, the right dimensions and the right combination of power and reliability - or a professional cleaning company making sure that it delivers the best service possible, Numatic have always been the weapon of choice. A quick look at the forms and functions embodied in the Numatic range and it is easy to see why. Numatic has taken a systematic look at all types of industrial; and commercial cleaning and then built a machine that answers those needs; with the added good idea of running some model lines that are capable of delivering multiple functions within the same shell. Numatic vacuum cleaners in the wet and dry cleaning range are a case in point. Numatic has developed a significant range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners, which is able to get rid of most normal commercial and industrial dirt, whether it is dry dirt (dust, rubbish) or wet dirt (sludge, slime, grease and even actual water). There's a size and power of wet and dry vacuum cleaner for every job - from simple multipurpose cleaning to large scale industrial messes. Numatic has also developed a cleaner that is specifically targeted at hardcore mess, with twin motors and a floating ball valve to keep wet cleaning easy. Numatic vacuum cleaners have more than 15 years' worth of cleaning experience built into them, and it shows. You'll probably be familiar with the smaller variants - the Henry and the Charles have been seen puttering around the floors of your local shop for years. The larger models, all of which are built on the same technology only to a more powerful and robust size and standard, have incredible suction, superb longevity and a simple, tough case to ensure they keep going in even very difficult, intense use situations. Numatic vacuum cleaners at the high end deliver hospital standard cleaning when used to clear away dry mess - and are trouble-free with the wet cleaning, thanks to their valve and net arrangements. The biggest vacuum cleaners in the Numatic range are fitted with heavy duty large scale transit wheels to ensure that the machine is as easy to move around as it is to use in one spot. You might think that all this high class cleaning would come at a price - like buying a limousine for a shopping trip. But the Numatic vacuum cleaners are as well priced as they are well made: the biggest models come in at around 400, while the smaller appliances (like Charles) can be had for as little as 110. When you think about the years of good cleaning and hassle free operation they are likely to give, those prices are absurdly low. The Numatic name has a solid reputation in the professional cleaning industry. It's easy to see why.
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