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Operation Methods for Cloth Drying Machine 2023 Edition

Operation Methods for Cloth Drying Machine 2023 Edition


Cloth dryer, mainly used for drying towels and production line workers' work clothes, has a heating function and can quickly dry the cloth that needs to be dried, greatly shortening the drying time of the cloth and improving the utilization efficiency of the cloth. High quality dryer can also be equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamp device to disinfection and sterilization bacteria lamp. The operation method of the linen dryer is also relatively simple. Today, the editor of the FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY FACTORY washing equipment will share with you the operation method of the linen dryer.

1. Before starting the machine, check if the power supply is powered on and if the power plug is properly plugged in.

2. Load the dehydrated linen according to the capacity of the dryer, do not exceed the rated maximum capacity, and close the door tightly.

3. The process of setting the required time (0-99 minutes) and temperature (0-99 degrees) on the computer controller is as follows:; Press the setting key for the first time to enter the setting time state. Press the [] or [---] key to increase or decrease in minutes until the time required for displaying numbers on the goworld laundry computer tube is reached. As described above, press the setting key for the second time to set the temperature status, and press the [+] or [--] key until the laundry computer tube displays the desired temperature.

4. Press the third setting button, the setting indicator light will turn off and return to the stop state.

5. Press the run button, the expenditure system will enter the running state, the machine will start working, and the fan heating operation will proceed simultaneously. At this point, the time and temperature of the display are the remaining time and drying temperature of the machine's operation.

When the remaining time of operation is zero, the system shuts down the heating and the fan continues to work. If the operator has set to shut down this operation, the fan will automatically return to the stopped state after continuing to work for 20 minutes.

If the time and temperature were set before pressing the "Run" button, then the time and temperature for this operation will be based on the time and temperature set earlier.

After the work is completed, the main power supply must be cut off.

The dryers produced by FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY MACHINE FACTORY can be classified into steam dryers, gas dryers, and electric heating dryers according to their thermal energy sources; According to whether it is energy-saving, it can be divided into energy-saving dryers and ordinary dryers. There are specifications of 15kg, 25kg, 35kg, 50kg, 80kg, 100kg TJ 150kg, and suitable drying specifications can be configured according to the drying needs. If you need to purchase a linen dryer, WELCOME TO FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENTS CO., LTD


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