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Performance identification and correct placement

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-02

As people use laundry equipment more and more frequently, it is more important for everyone to pay attention to the performance of laundry equipment. Then we will explain to you about the performance of laundry equipment, hoping to help you.

1. Air and water consumption
In this age of saving energy and reducing emissions, the air and water consumption of laundry equipment is also an issue that we must consider when choosing products. Because these factors will be directly linked to your later operating costs, we should have a detailed understanding of the product’s air and water consumption when purchasing laundry equipment, and try to choose an energy-saving and effective laundry equipment. It is cheap to buy some laundry equipment that consumes air and water.

2. Power consumption of laundry equipment
The power consumption of laundry equipment is also a problem that we need to consider carefully. A good laundry equipment has low power consumption, and it is also energy-saving to use. We can measure the power consumption of laundry equipment with professional power instruments. The electricity consumption index in the whole washing process, and then according to the current electricity price standard of 0.49 yuan per kilowatt-hour, the electricity consumption in the whole washing process is calculated.

3. Cleanliness of laundry equipment
As a laundry room worker and purchaser, whether the purchased laundry equipment can wash fabrics during work is a matter of concern, and the factors that affect the cleanliness of the laundry equipment are the mechanical force of the laundry equipment and its own quality and washing. Therefore, we must have an in-depth understanding of the performance of the laundry equipment when purchasing, to prevent the laundry equipment purchased by ourselves from being clean.

4. Noise from laundry equipment
The analysis of authoritative data shows that the 'noisy' complaints in the laundry equipment complaints have been ranked in the top three positions, which shows how much washing machine noise has an impact on consumers' lives. Therefore, the noise test is included in the scope of this test. The noise level of the laundry equipment mainly comes from whether the product design is delicate and whether there are problems during installation.

The placement requirements of laundry equipment are as follows:
1. The placement of the laundry equipment in the laundry factory should be determined according to the washing process, steam, waterway, electric circuit, and discharge requirements. For example, the area of ??the laundry equipment should be close to the ironing machine and folding machine, and the exhaust outlet of the dryer should be far away from the working area of ??employees to prevent the heat from increasing the indoor temperature.

2. The clamping machine, bacteria clamping machine, and ladder clamping machine should be placed in an oval shape for one person to operate. The portrait machine should be placed together with the suede universal folder. The close and reasonable placement of the equipment can reduce the pipeline and Waste of energy.

3. The height of the washing machine should consider whether it is convenient for the staff to operate and load and unload the linen. Too high a foundation will make it difficult for the operator to load and unload the linen, and too low a foundation will increase the fatigue of the staff.

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