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Precautions for Cloth Dehydrator in Drying Clothes

Precautions for Cloth Dehydrator in Drying Clothes


The emergence of cloth dryer allows us to complete the drying and dewatering of large quantities of cloth in a short time, so it is widely used in various laundry rooms. However, after understanding the performance of the cloth dehydrator and analyzing the unique properties of various kinds of cloth, Xiaobian reminds us to pay special attention to the following types of cloth when using the cloth dehydrator to dry:

1. Wool products shall be wrapped when the cloth is dried;

Because the cloth of wool products is easy to deform, break and fall off after being squeezed and twisted vigorously or swung rapidly, we must wrap the cloth and dry it after using the cloth dehydrator to dry it.

2. The drying amount of down linen should not be too much;

As the down like cloth grass will expand after washing, and the internal down will also have the problem of accumulation, and these gathered down is easy to expand after being vigorously shaken dry, so once the internal cloth grass is too much, it will cause a safety accident of the inner cylinder swelling. Therefore, the load of such cloth grass as down should not be too much to prevent accidents.

3. The drying time of fluff cloth should not be too long;

Some fabrics with fluff, such as velvet, velvet, imitation leather knitting velvet, etc. The fluff of this kind of clothes will pour when it is dried by the cloth dryer. So once we dry it for a long time, it is very easy to cause the problem of fluff damage and falling off, so we remind you to master the time. In general, 3 minutes is the most appropriate time according to the characteristics of the cloth dryer.

4. It is not suitable to use a spin dryer for silk linen;

Some very tight and thin silk products or new delicate fabrics may have wrinkles and fracture problems when they are spun dry. At the same time, the trimmings pasted on this kind of cloth grass will also fall off, which will not only affect the overall life of our cloth grass, but also directly affect our wearing effect.

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