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Precautions for daily use of industrial laundry equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-25

things other than clothes, such as shoes, etc. , please do not put them into the tank to wash, so as to avoid failure; When washing clothes, first remove the wallet, coins, tissue paper and other items in the pocket, and pull the zipper and button the clothes. To prevent laundry trough damage and poor drainage. Do not exceed the load of the clothes placed in the tank. Never touch the hand before the dehydration tank is completely stopped; Don't let children climb inside industrial laundry equipment to avoid danger. When clothes are stained with volatile solvents, please do not put them in washing or dehydration to prevent fire or gas explosion.

when the industrial washing equipment has been used for more than three months, or if there is abnormal sound in the tank body, please check it by the original maintenance service department. In case of abnormality, stop operation immediately and unplug the power plug, and contact the local service center in time. If it continues to operate under abnormal conditions, it will cause fire and electric shock due to fever. The grounding wire cannot be connected to the natural gas pipe to avoid danger. When installing grounding wire, drain pipe edge changing or overhauling industrial laundry equipment, unplug the plug first to ensure safety. Do not flush the switch part of the operation panel directly with water to prevent inductive phenomenon.
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