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Prevent hotel washing equipment working noise and analyses its additional features

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-01

for noise large hotel laundry equipment in the laundry room, sometimes too much noise is not just a product quality problem, also may be the result of consumer wrong operation. Today will arrange some hotel for you washing equipment to produce some of the reasons for the noise.

1, hotel cleaning equipment installation uneven

2, motor bearing or the shaft and bearing severe wear or fracture

3, drive belt tight

4, roller deformation and friction between outer barrel

5, the shaft seal tight

6, damping suspension system out of balance, etc.

common noise solution:

1, washing operation time issued a 'pop' noise. More than the fault is produced in friction between cylinder and the outer barrel or is caused by machines placed the ground not level off. When need to adjust the washing machine center of gravity, place smoothly.

2, hotel cleaning equipment 'giggle' friction roller rotation. The cause of the problem may be the driving wheel screw loosening, can now remove the driving wheel, and then in the shaft bottom padded properly the thickness of the gasket, to eliminate the gap. To eliminate the impact or friction.

3, 'snapped' sound transmission belt. The fault is caused by the slack of drive belt. Can be adjusted through the tension wheel tensioning belt.

with the continuous development of hotel cleaning equipment production technology progress, a variety of additional functions to become the focus of attention when consumer choose and buy, with analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, different from the basic function and various additional properties for hotel cleaning equipment is only to provide consumers with choice product reference, consumers in the choose and buy products don't have to choose a variety of additional features a whole product.

1, allergy free washing function

dust mites, pollen and pet dander is allergic to the main allergens. These allergens can bed items, clothes, carpet, and even the air contact with human body, trigger a series of allergic diseases. Through hotel washing equipment washing, sterilization, reduce allergic factors of clothing, equivalent to block the body contact with the allergen. On the market at present with allergy aseptic design many washing machine products.

2, washing dehydration drying one

the wash cloth grass drying and ironing out one by one, the trouble and time consuming, hotel cleaning equipment should be automatic washing, drying, can also bring their own ironing function better. At present due to the drum of hotel washing equipment is imitation wooden stick hit clothing design of principle of using the drum is rotating the mechanical power of the motor, fall clothing in the roller was constantly improve, fall again raise again, repeat exercise. Small clothes wear, deformation, not entanglement. And roller structure similar to the dryer and so on the market already has a lot of washing dehydration drying the integration of the models for sale, but due to the manufacturing process problems, the current capacity is large, generally can't do generally under 30 kg capacity. Suitable for need to small batch washing function.

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