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Programme That Washing Machine

by:GOWORLD     2020-10-02
The commercial laundry has become geek's paradise of late but with a very good reason in that the business is ever more complicated and the demands of the customers has been more difficult to deal with. The latest machines can range from 5 kg up to 120 kg and the larger models in particular take some controlling. Typically it is possible to obtain machines with 5, 6, 8, 9 or 16 fixed programmes and HSG95 (18) sluice disinfectant programmes but the latest models have up to 99 different programmes with up to 84 of them being free programmes and HSG95 (18 in total) sluice thermal disinfectant programmes as standard. Memory kits are also available and you can design and upload your own programmes directly from a laptop computer.
The result of this is a bewildering array of different operating processes that can be both a boon and a disaster waiting to happen. There is a need to get totally familiar with what is available and when any programme should be used. This requires an intimate knowledge of the products being laundered and the washing conditions that are required.
Yes there is always an amount of leeway in the programmes and it may well be possible to pick 6 different programmes and still get the washing clean but, and there is always a but, 5 of those programmes will have some element which is not necessary for the washing cycle. It may be that the cycle is too long or hotter than normal or spinning cycle is too long. In this case there is an extra cost and in the highly efficient commercial laundries of today cost is most important. It may be that continual usage of a longer process also reduces the life of the garment or bedding which will cause extra expenditure for the customer or the company as a whole if it an in-house product.
The aim is get the programme right for the product to be laundered; it will reduce energy usage, reduce the water usage and reduce operating times. In some cases where there is soiled products the items will have to be done twice whereas the product would have been clean first time with the right programme.
Controls are on washing cycles, spin cycles, spin speeds, water temperature, detergent feed and disinfectant feed beside many others. Take time to get the programmes right, talk to the supplier and get their input because they will have seen it before. The cheapest producer can quote for work better than the rest.
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