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Pros And Cons of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-10
To be honest there is nothing special about commercial cleaning - it doesn't differ a lot from domestic one. The difference is most companies prefer to have their floors dry cleaned because they can't afford the time it will need for the flooring to dry naturally. Nevertheless hot water extraction is still the best cleaning method and some companies prefer to use it. If you're looking for a cleaning company read this article because I'll describe the different techniques and you can choose the one which suits your needs. Steam Cleaning There are two types of cleaning methods, the first one involves dry compound and is perfect for commercial use, the other one involves liquid cleaning solutions. We'll basically divide them into dry and wet cleaning, I'll compare and briefly describe each process so you can have an idea what it's all about. In fact wet cleaning is called steam cleaning but no actual steam is used in the process, hot water and special cleaning solutions are involved. Special commercial cleaning equipment is used because it is more effective and the technicians are professionals and want to provide excellent services every time, at least the ones I work with. Here is how hot water extraction works, you pour water and a special detergent into the cleaning machine it does everything else you just have to move it around as if you're vacuuming. The solution is forced into the fibres if the flooring under pressure to penetrate deep and remove any impurities and tough stains. The results are more than satisfying, the only disadvantage is the drying time which is between two and four hours depending on the surface which is cleaned. I think it's worth the wait, but this is my opinion as I said before most companies prefer the second method - dry cleaning. In fact no all techniques are one hundred percent dry, this is why the professionals use the term 'low moisture'. There are four basic methods and here are a few words about every one of them. Commercial Dry Cleaning Without further delay I present you dry compound - it is organic biodegradable solution which is also absorbent. The technique is simple, first you vacuum the carpet next you sprinkle the powder, agitate it with a brush and vacuum again to remove it. While you're rubbing the carpet the compound blends with dust and dirt particles removing them form the fibres and entrapping them into the powder, leaving your carpet clean. The next method which deserves out attention is encapsulation or crystallization, as the name suggests this technique is appropriate for commercial cleaning and doesn't involve liquid which is perfect if you have moisture sensitive textile flooring, upholstery or drapery. The method is quite simple special cleaning solution is sprayed onto the textile flooring. The ingredients dissolve stains crystallizing the dirt particles. The residues are then sucked via powerful vacuum cleaners and you can walk on the textile flooring right away. The professionals suggest this is the most effective low moisture cleaning method of all. The other tow methods involve some liquid and you have to wait a little in order for the carpet to completely dry, it may be half an hour but it is time which most companies can't afford to loose. Therefore I'm just going to mention to mention them. Dry foam is one of the low moisture methods which uses around ninety percent air and ten percent liquid. In a special container on the cleaning machine water and carpet shampoo are added, this is how the foam is created. As for the bonnet again we have water and a cleaning solution but this time the solution is sprayed as mist and agitated with the bonnet. Moreover the friction which is created may damage the fibres of the carpet. Well these are the cleaning methods which can be used for commercial and domestic needs. Which one will you choose depends on the time you can spare for the procedure itself and the time needed for drying. If you want a special protective coating can be applied, I provides some degree of stain and liquid resistance ensuring your textile flooring will stay cleaner for longer.
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